Welcome to Operation Meteor

Welcome to Operation Meteor. If you haven’t guessed it already, Meteor is a website. Why did I call it Operation Meteor you ask? Well besides the Gundam Wing reference (a cartoon I watched when I was younger, don’t worry about it), this a big refresh in many

ways from the previous Iktinos sites [I was going to make an awesome analogy about the dinosaur meteor but whateves}.

When I set out to make this, I had two goals: to update the design and make it look beautiful, and, most importantly, to make it sustainable. By sustainable, I wanted to make a site that was very easy to pass down. The previous website was custom made via HTML and CSS coding; this makes for a really customizable site, but at the same time really hard to customize when you don’t know HTML or CSS. This was the problem with the previous site– the later generation of Iktinos was not able to update the site. To solve this problem, I choose to build our website on WordPress. This platform will be exceptionally easy to pass down to the previous executive boards to update and maintain. In short, this site will be sustainable.

I hope this site will be a great resource for not only brothers of the fraternity, but to recruit new brothers. We will be posting posts about events to advertise as well as recaps about old events with pictures. Enjoy yall.

Also, below is the gallery of all the hype images I used for the midnight countdown. Make them your desktop image or something.


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