Let’s Vote on Some Shirts: Round 2

Ok ya’ll we got some more decisions to make. We got some new admissions and some old ones, and some combinations. But this here is the final round. So make your vote count!

Shirt 1:

Shirt 2:

Shirt 3:

Shirt 4: Front of shirt 1, back of shirt 2


Shirt 5: Front of the first one, back of shirt 3


Shirt 6: (NOTE: obviously these are still kinda in conceptual form. The idea is to play on the idea of the Rhino, the program and the mammal. If this wins I will take the time to dress it up real nice Illustrator)

Back: This would be combined with a witty Rhino Pun like the one below or something like:
“Let’s merge some surfaces”, “Let’s reveal some naked edges”, or “Can I manifold your surfaces?

Front: The front would be the APX logo



3 thoughts on “Let’s Vote on Some Shirts: Round 2

  1. Jen Harmon says:

    Hello Students… As your faithful and loyal professor of the MLB, I propose the following:
    “B100D, Sweat, + Tears”
    Anyone who has spent a good deal of time in the MLB knows the genius truth scrawled upon the door plates on the east wall of the room.
    I humbly admit that I wasn’t aware of your T-shirt contest until this evening, but thought I’d throw it out there for next year’s round.

    Good luck to all of you these last few days!

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