Convention 2012 Wrap Up

As you might have been able to gather from some of the previous post about this years convention: it was a smashing success. To recap: a group of ten Iktinos ambassadors traveled to Florida to participate at Alpha Rho Chi’s annual convention. Convention was broken up into three different kinds of activities: business sessions, workshops, and social bonding.

During the business sessions, Taylor Franz acted as Iktinos’ delegate. Many topics were discussed and voted on during these sessions. Perhaps the most exciting one was when the delegates voted to allow the Severus Colony to become an official chapter of Alpha Rho Chi!

In between business sessions, workshops were held. During these workshops, helpful real world topics such as applying for a job were discussed. There were also meta-APX sessions were held discussing a possibility of a national headquarter building as well as ways to maximize brotherly-involvement in events.

Last but not least were the social bonding events. This is where we not only met, but got to know our brothers from across the nation. There were official activities like a dinner at the very beginning and a dance at the very end. But there were also unofficial activities were brothers headed to the bars for some traditional hoedown. Fun was most definitely had by all.

All in all, this convention was a megahit. We all can’t wait to go back with some new faces to carry on this annual tradition!


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