Pro Greek Week Extravaganza

This weeklong celebration and competition between the Profession Greek Fraternities at the University of Michigan was one of the most successful years for Iktinos so far. We had excellent participation in all events, and even dominated a few.

The ladies took to the battlefield for a sporting match of Powderpuff Football while the men took to a slightly different battlefield for competitive cheerleading. While Iktinos did not emerge victorious from either of those fields of battle, the brothers can say with confidence that they played hard and had fun (and that’s what counts right??)

Charlie Rhodes belted his lungs out at the karaoke competition to some tunes from the best decade ever (the nineties). He had some help from Alyse Sabo and Katie Wilson who backed him up and boogied to said tunes. Both the spirit of the nineties and some good ol’ brotherly spirit could be heard from the street.

The brothers banded together as a team for a fight to the last man/woman standing at the dodgeball competition. Brothers used the five D’s of dodgeball: dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge to squash the competition.

Tears were shed at the Mr Professional contest as Danny Francken played his heart out on his recorder to the Titanic theme. It was beautiful. He casted a huge shadow to the dismay of all the other contestants following that performance. But I digress. Needless to say it was a fantastic way to end the week.

Go through the pictures to vicariously experience the week:


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