Congratulations to our new brothers!

Congratulations to the new brothers of Alpha Rho Chi.

17 new brothers were initiated on January 27th. They are a great group, and bring some awesome energy to the fraternity. We are looking forward to the coming years with this new group. 2013 is turning out to be the best year of APX yet. Here is to new friendships!

Winter 2013 Brothers

Kati Albee
Moe Alshadood
Ashley Chang
Hillary Davlin
Zach Geimer
Jamie Lutz
Aigerim Mangibayeva
Shelby Mitchinson
Taylor Mortorff
Nerson Oraha
Andrea Partenio
Lena Pfeiffer
Chanel Roberts
Karen Toomasian
Jeffrey Wong
Yurong Wu
Wookey Yoo


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