White Rose Celebration


As one of the founding chapters of Alpha Rho Chi, Iktinos is celebrating their 100th anniversary in style. We hosted a jam packed weekend of events hosting both alum and actives from Iktinos and other chapters around the nation.

Kicking off the weekend on Jan. 17, Iktinos alum hosted a successful wine tasting and word on the street is that it was amazing! With greek wines to celebrate the greek origins of our fraternity name, it was both fitting and fun.

wine tasting

Saturday started bright and early with actives giving a tour of the Taubman College to those visiting from out of town. Highlights included the fabrication lab and the studio space (and personally, the chicken salad croissants we enjoyed after the tour).

fab lab

Just when we thought it couldn’t get much better, both actives and alumni were treated to three lecturers:

WGAA – Mara Braspenninx
Ann Arbor City Planner – Wendy Rampson
Taubman College Associate Dean – Milton Curry

These lectures were both broad and narrow in scope, covering everything from the future of Ann Arbor to the current state of Alpha Rho Chi as a National fraternity.

Ending the night on a high note, the White Rose Ball was held at the Michigan League where we feasted like kings, enjoyed learning the history of our great fraternity, and broke the world record for most people in a photobooth (21 if you’re curious).

Check out some photos below for a further glimpse at our awesome Centennial Weekend!


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