Iktinos takes APX100 by Storm

March is not only full of madness because our basketball team is amazing, it’s also been mad because APX held it’s National Convention this month. In honor of the 100th year of Alpha Rho Chi we went buckwild and sent 17 brothers to Chicago.



The weekend was packed full of events including visits to the Inland Steel Building (shout out to DF 2 !) as well as business sessions, workshops, and delicious meals. Some highlights for the week included watching Nikki’s colony recieve a plaque declaring them a full fledged chapter. Brothers also enjoyed learning about the rich history of APX from alumni allowing us to remember that all of these successful professionals were once college kids just like us! We also loved bonding and meeting new chapters (and obviously taking selfies with them).


Of course a favorite for all of us was the banquet (props to that photo booth) and the DJ who played a good variety of Ke$ha and the Backstreet Boys because what else would anyone even want. It was a memorable and awesome trip because who doesn’t love a trip where you can learn, see your brothers, and take jumping pictures in front of the bean? Check out some more highlights in the slideshow below and start to get pumped up because CONVENTION 2015 IS IN SAN JOSE BABY!!!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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