Hail! to our Graduates

A gaggle of APX brothers graduated this Spring! And while we are all saddened that our meetings will be a little less raucous and a little less chaotic, everyone is proud of our graduates and excited for the amazing things they’ll be accomplishing in the future.


Hats off to our graduates:

Moe Alshadood                 Taylor Franz                  Alyse Sabo
Josh Belinky                       Allyson Hrit                   Adam Wagner
Corey Blaskie                     Stephanie Hrit              James Howe 
Amee Bhatt                         Katie Lanski                 Hobbs Valley 
Jacqueline Buckley            Nerson Oraha               Marissa Mrowka
Jeffrey Burgess                  Zoe Parsigian               Kevin Kerwan
Brooke Dexter                    Matt Rheingans           Ajae Whittaker
Danny Francken                 Meghan Royster

And a special congratulations to two of our brothers who just completed their Graduate degrees at Taubman College:

Aly Andrews
Sergio Escuderoapx13Some of our graduates have awesome plans for this Summer and into next year! Check their plans out below!

Amee Bhatt  

ameeAmee is busy sprucing up her portfolio and is on the hunt for an architectural position! APX graduates are always desirable job candidates so keep an eye out for her taking the field by storm soon!

Jackie Buckley


Jackie is currently celebrating the beginning of Summer in England and will then spend the rest of the Summer months up at Camp Michigania. After that, she will be searching for an architectural job in the Midwest.

Jeff Burgess

apx5Jeff is spending the Summer working part time with the installation team at the Grand Rapids Art Museum. (Hopefully he doesn’t drop a Picasso!) He will then start his graduate degree at the Harvard Graduate School of Design in the Fall.

Brooke Dexter


Brooke is busy as can be this Summer, working hard to finish the APX History book as well as hostessing at Palio, so stop by and get some delicious pasta and visit Brooke! She is also going to be an RA for Taubman College’s ArcStart program which gives high school students a glimpse into what an architectural education will be like. In the Fall, Brooke is returning to Taubman to begin her M.Arch degree and as always will be welcome at all of our awesome Iktinos events next year!

Danny Francken

Danny is hitting the ground running with his Informatics degree. (Who knew there were majors other than Architecture?!?). He is spending his Summer working at start up companies as well as backpacking through the wild frontiers of America. With his enthusiasm and hard work ethic, it was a no brainer that Danny would have many job options to juggle for the Fall. He will either be in San Jose, California or Vancouver working on Websites and Mobile Apps unless a Grizzly gets the best of him on his backpacking expeditions.

Taylor Franz


Taylor is continuing her courtship with her boyfriend, Netflix, this Summer. In between catching up on tv shows and eating Dairy Queen there won’t be much room for anything else this Summer! After a few months of relaxation Taylor is leaving for an Architectural job in Washington D.C. in the Fall! Congrats to her!

Allyson & Stephanie Hrit



APX’s favorite twins are busy this Summer working, attending baseball and softball games and travelling. This Fall they are returning to Taubman to pursue their M.Arch degrees.  Looking forward to seeing them back in the hallowed Taubman halls this Fall!

Katie Lanski


Katie is spending her Summer interning at Kraemer Design Group in Detroit. (See, Spring Break Externships are useful!). She will be living in Ann Arbor and spending plenty of time at her family’s cottage. In the Fall she plans on mustering the energy to apply to graduate schools. Katie also encourages fellow brothers to reach out to her for any materials you may want as she is currently buried in chipboard and acrylic that she needs to get rid of!

Zoe Parsigian


Zoe is packing up her bags and shipping off to Barcelona where she will be starting work at an architecture firm this Fall! With my meager four years of High School Spanish, I say “Divertirse o ser un T-cuadrado!”

Matt Rheingans


Matt is spending his summer working at the Medical School and the IM Building where he is the world’s most renowned MCard swiper. With skills like that he hopes to attain an internship this Summer as well! He is also returning to Taubman this Fall in puruit of his M.Arch and because he refuses to leave his beloved APX brothers behind!

Meghan Royster


Meghan is spending her Summer in the enemy territory of East Lansing, her hometown. She plans on saving money as well as enjoying the beautiful Michigan Summer weather which hopefully will make up for the treacherous Winter we had. This Fall Meghan heads off to Spain where she will be in Leganes, Madrid teaching English through the CIEE Teach Spain program for the 2014-2015 academic year. If Meghan doesn’t get swept up in the Spanish life and join a travelling flamenco dancing crew, she plans on returning next year to continue her architectural education and attend graduate school.

Alyse Sabo


Alyse is spending her Summer working at Vera Bradley (obviously!) as well as interning for Christian Tennant Custom Homes. In July Alyse will move to New Mexico to prepare for starting graduate school this Fall at the University of New Mexico in Community and Regional Planning. Alyse is hoping to find an internship there similar to her current position at CTCH which she has loved being apart of. Alyse is excited for the future but will miss Michigan and looks forward to everyone’s future successes, wishing all of our graduates the best of luck!

This is just a sample of the wide variety of awesome things our brothers are up to and we can’t wait to hear more about their future successes!  Congratulations to everyone and make sure you check out some more great graduation photos below!

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