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The Iktinos Alumni Association (IAA) is made up of Graduate and Non-Graduate Brothers of the Alpha Rho Chi Fraternity, Iktinos Chapter.


Link to Iktinos History Book – Information and Preview


 Earlier this year the Iktinos Alumni Association received a request from Slaven Perovie of Croatia for information on the artist/architect William “Bill” Sanders Fanning (1887-1964).  Many of his drawings ended up in Croatia where Mr. Perovie was preparing an article to accompany an exhibit of Brother Fanning’s work.  During his research Mr. Perovie learned that Bill Fanning was a member of our fraternity.  Iktinos Brothers Evelyn Janick, Steve Janick, Linda Lilly and Dave Pezda with help from former WGS Rick Jenkins (Metagenes) and Historian Danielle Swanson (Anthemios) were able to provide information about Brother Fanning.  He was initiated into Sigma Upsilon (the forerunner to the Iktinos Chapter) in 1911 and appears in some of our early archives including an issue of the Archi.

Mr. Perovie sent us a copy of his finished work about Brother Fanning.  Below are some excerpts.  To read the entire article, go to  fanning-katalog-pdf-4  (English text starts Pg. 11)

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Contact Information for APX Iktinos Alumni Association

Officers and Board Members:

  • President:  Dave Pezda (dpezda@yahoo.com)
  • Vice-President:  Shannon Kile
  • Treasurer:  Greg Wolf
  • Secretary:  Kevin Kerwan
  • Other board Members
    • Emily Gruman
    • Steve Janick
    • Linda Lilly
    • Kevin Wieringa
    • Greg Wolf
    • Alex Werth (Active WA)

You can also join us on facebook at Iktinos Apx Alum Assoc