Let’s Vote on Some Shirts: Round 1

A few weeks ago we asked you all to submit T-Shirts designs to us so that we could sport some new “fresh APX swag” (I think thats how the kids are saying it these days). So below are the designs. Check ’em out, be judgmental, take no-prisoners, and vote on the poll below. We’ll update you in one week with the results. Also feel free to post in comments if you you want to combine ideas. (Thanks to Stephanie, Brooke, and Corey for submitting these)

T-Shirt 1:





T-Shirt 2:





T-Shirt 3:





T-Shirt 4:






T-Shirt 5:






T-Shirt 6:






T-Shirt 7:







6 thoughts on “Let’s Vote on Some Shirts: Round 1

  1. James Howe says:

    I say we take shirt 1’s front and combine it with shirt 4 (combining shirt 4’s front and back making it the new back side for shirt 1)

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